Unicorn Network Twinkle Real Estate Project is in pre-launch

Another great milestone is reached within our BIGGEST PROJECT in the world by pre-launching Twinkle Estate Coin (TEC).

Unicorn Network has entered into joint venture with experienced Real Estate Entrepreneurs from Germany with experience of more than 100 years together with experienced Blockchain Technology Experts to create TEC which will be exclusive mode of payment for purchasing or renting real estate properties to be developed using Twinkles that will be collected during pre-launch through selling of TECs.

Starting from yesterday up to 13th August, 2018, members are able to buy TECs exclusively with their Twinkles at the rate of 100 Twinkles per TEC. After the deadline, the bought TECs will be hosted in private Twinkle blockchain and no more TECs will be created. Owners of TECs can then sale their TECs exclusively with Twinkles at their own desired price (Number of Twinkles per TEC) at Cryptocoinstreet.

To buy TECs, just login into your Pernum Wallet and you will find a TEC button on top right corner. Click on it and you will be able to buy TECs if you have Twinkles in your wallet.

Buyers of real estates will be able to purchase real estate properties worldwide either for the purpose of office, residential, renting, etc. and they can do this either as individuals or in a pool.

You will be able to buy real estate from any place in the world using your TECs and you can enter into contract with experts to manage your bought property for you.

In addition to owning, you can use TECs to rent properties worldwide that will be showcased in TEC website.

To start with, TEC will start with properties from Germany and USA. Slowly the project will spread worldwide and even individuals will be able to sale their properties in the website.

Affiliate commissions and family bonues 5 generations deep will be paid to members when their invitees buy or rent real estate properties in TEC website.

It is great deal to own TECs now while the project is still in pre-launch because after pre-launch, hardly can you buy them at a pre-launch price of 100 Twinkles per TEC. Since you can only buy them from those who participated in buying them during pre-launch at a rate of 100 Twinkles per TEC, no sane person would be ready to sale TEC below the price he/she bought it.

The blockchain technology is disrupting traditional business models and there are huge opportunities to make fortunes for those who embrace the right technology at this early stage of technology development.

Unfortunately, more than 99% of these projects are eith er scam or will not stay the course beyond one year since they were initiated hence there is high risk in investing in them. But you can rely on Unicorn Network which is here since 2011 and growing with a number of existing and proven business models.

In the context of this project, you can buy, say 100 TECs now worth $100 by paying 10,000 Twinkles and after 5 years from now, each Twinkle is likely to be at least $100 hence your 10,000 Twinkles you used to buy TEC will be at least worth $1,000,000 and very likely higher than this because your price (Number of Twinkles per TEC) will be greater than 100 you used to buy TEC with. This means you will not be ready to sell your 100 TECs below $1,000,000. Already this amount can buy you private island or if you opt to sale your 100 TECs then will give you a fortune.

Right now we have TECs, Solario and Cashback Marketing (CBMT) which will be hosted in the Twinkle Private Blockchain as coins with effect from 17th August 2018 when the website will go live. You can buy these coins exclusively with Twinkles. This means sale of these coins draw out Twinkles from circulation as members pay with their Twinkles to buy them. This will result into lower supply of Twinkles while the demand for Twinkles will keep on increasing as more members join our BIGEST PROJECT in the world. These two marketing forces (higher demand coupled with lower supply) will result into the value of Twinkle to go up and up. As the value of Twinkle goes up, the value of TEC also goes up as explained in the paragraph supra.

So participate in this real estate economy if you can by buying whatever amount of TECs during this pre-launch and watch your wealth increases as days go.

For those who would like to collect free Twinkles, you can participate in playing [Twnkl5x5 game by login into the website to activate your PERNUM so that it can be used as your personal Invitation Code in the website to invite 5 people only. Deadline to play this game for those who are already members of Unicorn Network before this game started is 11th August, 2018. The game will be played up to 14th December 2018. For new members, contact me or any other existing member to instruct you how to play the game.

Starting from September 1, 2018, UEFA Nations League will start and TwnklSoccer will be back with free betting for members to collect free Twinkles when they bet right on each match as was the case during World Cup games. You will be able to invite people to play this free game starting from next week and you will be paid affiliate commissions and family bonuses 5 generations deep when your invitees win Twinkles

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