For several reasons it is crucial to change the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency on the TwnklChain. Today we have been informed by Etherscan that they refuse to change the token name and symbol from Twinkle/TWNKL to Moved/MOVED for the old, abandoned token without giving a reason.

Thus, there is a token with trading symbol TWNKL on the Ethereum blockchain and we have no power to change it. Pages like CMC request a unique trading symbol to be listed there and therefore we must change the trading symbol for our Rainbow Currency. So, we decided to change the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency on the TwnklChain from TWNKL to YEM.

YEM = Your Everyday Money

Just to be clear:

The name of our blockchain is still TwnklChain

The name of our currency is still Rainbow Currency

The names of our denominations are still Rainbow, Glitter, Twnkl, Dan

Why Twnkl and not Twinkle?

1) we have branded everything to Twnkl
2) a company from Asia just launched a token on the Ether blockchain, and they named it Twinkle

Of course, we will still fight with Etherscan to change the name and symbol of old Twinkle/TWNKL to avoid any confusion.

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