Play Free UEFA Nations League betting game and get opportunity to win literally unlimited amount of money

Bet for free in the TwnklSoccer game starting from September 6th 2018 for UEFA Nations League and get opportunity to be rewarded with Rainbow Currency (YEM) which you can spend them to buy various products and services within SafeZone open network.

There are 55 nations participating and there are 160 games. These games run primarily during September, October and November 2018, and then in June 2019 there will be the finals to determine the Nations League Champion.

When you start to play this game, you start at level 1 where you already have 1,000 YEM provided that you will bet at least on 80 matches. Each loss in your betting will keep you at the current level. Each win will rise you one level up. If there are 160 games and you start at Level 1, your last game would be on Level 161. The maximum YEM you can get when you are at level 161 is 500,000 YEM.

The top 100 players are going to receive bonus prizes. Out of the top 100 players, from position 51 to 100, you would receive 100,000 YEM on top of whatever you guessed correctly. From Position 50 to 26 in the top 100 you would win a bonus 250,000 YEM. From Position 25 to 11 you would win 500,000 YEM. No. 10 will get 1 million YEM, No. 9 will get 2 million YEM, No. 8 will get 3 million YEM, No. 7 will get 4 million YEM, No. 6 will get 5 million YEM, No. 5 will get 6 million YEM, No. 4 will get 7 million YEM, No. 3 will get 8 million YEM, No. 2 will get 9 million YEM and No. 1 will get 10 million YEM. If there are more than one winner in the same position then the reward will be shared equally among the winners in that position.

In addition to rewards for your own betting, you get 10% of YEM won by your invitees in any website owned by Unicorn Network 5 generations deep. So inviting people to play this game using your personal invitation link which starts with TwnklSoccer website address and then at the end you put a slash (/) and then add your Pernum will increase your YEM literary unlimited depending on how many people you can invite and how many people they can invite up to your fifth generation.

There are three options to bet for – Country A wins, Country B wins, They tie.

Unlike other bettings where you have to pay your money and there is almost 0 probability of winning a dime, you play for free in this betting game and you are guaranteed to earn at least 1,000 YEM provided you have bet for at least 80 matches.

Currently as I write this article, the value of YEM is $0.01 but there is high likelihood the value could be not less than $100 within 5 years from now hence even with the minimum 1,000 YEN which you can win from this game, you are highly likely to become worth at least $100,000 within 5 years from now if you will keep your YEM.

For those who wonder how can that be, it has already been proven by Bitcoin. Bitcoin started back in 2009 at a price of $0.0001 per Bitcoin. Now as we speak, Bitcoin is worth more than $7,000. This means a person who bought 10,000 Bitcoins back in 2009 at a cost of $1 is now worth more than $70 million if he kept his Bitcoins up to now.
YEM has even more potentials to rise in value than Bitcoin due to the fact that, unlike Bitcoin, it is an official currency used in global economy called SafeZone open network as explained above and it is the first cryptocurrency to be certified as legal substitute for EURO in Europe. For more details of the potentials of YEM compared to Bitcoin read this article.

For those who are wondering where does TwnklSoccer gets money to pay these free rewards? The answer is the money is come from SafeZone open network marketing budget to promote the network globally. Each business must have a budget to market itself. SafeZone open network has decided to use its marketing budget to pay its members affiliate income 5 generations deep so that members will market its business instead of paying marketing companies to market its business. In addition to SafeZone marketing budget, there is a Sponsor for this UEFA Nations League TwnklSoccer game.

Start to play the game now by predicting the first matches lined up therein. The game will also help you to follow up the timings for games through a counter therein and to know the results of each game immediately after the matches.

Invite as many people as you can using your personal invitation link you will get after joining so that you maximise your opportunity to earn as much Twnkl as possible in this game and also get opportunity to earn permanent passive income 5 generations deep whenever they buy products and services within SafeZone.

Open the website here to login if you are already a member of SafeZone or to sign up if you are not yet a member

If you are already a member of Unicorn Network, then scroll down and click on LOG IN WITH YOUR SAFEZONE PASS button to login.

If you are not yet a member of Unicorn Network, below are steps to join

  1. Scroll down and click on SIGN UP FOR FREE button
  3. Listen to the video or click “SKIP VIDEO” button to proceed
  4. Click “NEXT”
  5. Fill the registration form. Make sure you have checked the two boxes below and then click “NEXT” button
  6. Save your PERNUM shown before you proceed as you will need it anytime you want to login. Then click “NEXT” button
  7. Put 6 digits to create your Masterpin. You will be asked 3 random numbers from your Masterpin each time you want to login. The numbers are read from your Masterpin from left to right. For example if you create 048261 as your Masterpin, then if you are asked to enter digits #2, #5 and #3 from your Masterpin, you will enter 468; If you are asked to enter digits #6, #4 and #1 from your Masterpin, you will enter 120; etc.
  8. Login by filling your PERNUM and Password (Not Masterpin) you used to join with while filling registration form
  9. Enter 3 digits from your Masterpin you are required to enter

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