Why Rainbow Currency (YEM) has more potentials as global currency compared to Bitcoin?

If you have not yet started to use Rainbow Currency be it for the purpose of store of value or consumption, be informed you are losing out. Here are the reasons why:

Rainbow Currency is official currency of SafeZone open network where any business recommended by Unicorn Network members scattered across the globe can join it for the purpose of marketing their businesses to members or for the purpose of protection of their websites against hackers, malwares, etc. Bitcoin has no its own economy where it is its official currency.

Rainbow Currency has a minimum value which is controlled by Rainbow Currency Foundation. This value is also the official value used in SafeZone open network to protect businesses from losing value when the Rainbow Currency (YEM) trading price fluctuates at Cryptocoinstreet which is the only place where Rainbow currency and other currencies and coins operating within SafeZone open network can be traded. In addition to that, SafeZone open network gives eligible businesses a TWNKL buy-back guarantee where they would receive 90% of the value of their TWNKL received in USD through PerNumPay, if they don’t want to use these Rainbow Currencies for marketing instruments or for buying other products and services within the SafeZone. Bitcoin doesn’t have controlled official price hence its users are affected by wild fluctuations in its valuation which is majorly attributed to price manipulations by unscrupulous traders through practices like spoofing and wash trading. This wild fluctuation in Bitcoin prices makes businesses unwilling to accept it as a medium of exchange. A study conducted by Chainalysis notes that the “vast majority” of transactions it analyzed showed bitcoin being received from exchanges and rarely sent to merchant services to pay for goods or services.

Rainbow currency operates in its private blockchain called TwnklChain unlike Bitcoin which operates on public anonymous blockchain which is prone to misuse by hackers, fraudsters and all bad guys out there. A big drawback of public blockchains is that everybody can see every detail of every transaction as well as every balance of every wallet. It is like posting your bank statements on Facebook. With TwnklChain, nobody but you can see your balances, and nobody can retrieve any personal data from transactions.

Public blockchains suffer from very long transaction times, literally making instant payments impossible. With TwnklChain it is set up for processing thousands of payments per second, which adds up to more than 100 million transactions per day. Especially in busy times, not only transaction times, but transaction fees explode on public blockchains. How does it make sense to pay $50 fee to pay for a $5 coffee? With TwnklChain, there is a fair and low fee for transactions: 0.1% per transaction with a minimum fee of 1 Dan (0.001 TWNKL) and a maximum fee of 1,000 TWNKL. Paying $5 for a coffee with TWNKL is a tiny fee of a half (0.5) U.S. Cent in value.

To be qualified for online and local payments within the SafeZone open network, Rainbow currency holder must go through a verification process to identify themselves, while only accredited business partners are allowed to receive these payments. This identification will be used to locate bad guys to account for their misdeeds. Banks in particular have been reticent to engage with cryptocurrencies and the companies that handle them, partly due to the difficulty of conducting anti-money laundering checks on cryptocurrency based transactions. Rainbow Currency has already friendly environment for banks to accept it unlike Bitcoin which is more or less a swamp for bad guys out there.

Rainbow Currency is currently traded in only one exchange where Rainbow Currency Foundation has control of what is going on in the Rainbow Currency trading platform unlike Bitcoin which is traded in unregulated exchanges that allow dumpsters and fraudsters to play their games, as well as they accept that criminals use their platforms to sell stolen cryptocurrency. Many exchanges manipulate the prices of cryptocurrencies with bots – an automated software that is set up to trigger more transactions from currency holders by dropping or raising the price as they wish.

Rainbow Currency has its Rainbow Currency based coins which are exclusively traded with Rainbow Currency. These coins will increase demand for Rainbow Currency as people seek to buy the products/services embodied in respective coins. Existing Rainbow Currency based coins are solar energy vouchers , Real Estate and Cashback Marketing Units bought with Twinkls (CBMT) . Many more Rainbow Currency based coins will be added as this BIGGEST PROJECT in the world moves forward. Bitcoin has no such child coins to propel its value.

Rainbow Currency got official confirmation that it is a legal form of payment within the European Union, when both, seller and buyer of a product/service agree on Rainbow Currency as their currency for the transaction. On top of that, it received confirmation that the real-estate deal that has been notarized on March 16, 2018, has been the first real-estate deal to be processed in cryptocurrency in Germany, and of course, it was done in Rainbow Currency. Bitcoin hasn’t got such certification.
In addition to Rainbow Currency being a legal substitute for Euro in Europe it is probably the first cryptocurrency that is tax friendly worldwide since the transactions done with it have record of equivalent local currencies of the parties to the transaction to enable them to do tax computation in their nations. There is no such universal tax friendly functionality with Bitcoin.

Rainbow Currency operated global economy through SafeZone open network provides opportunity for members to start their affiliate businesses with We Share Success Inc without the need to have a starting capital and make passive income both in USD and in Rainbow Currency 5 generations deep. This economic empowerment attribute of Rainbow Currency will increase significantly the number of its users and hence precipitates the process of making Rainbow Currency to go mainstream. For details about current deals available for earning affiliate commissions and family bonuses 5 generations deep, look at this post. Bitcoin doesn’t have its own global economy.

Rainbow Currency is easy to use compared to Bitcoin. You just need to join SafeZone open network through any of the websites operating there mentioned above and automatically you will have your Personal Number (PERNUM) created that, inter alia, is your wallet where your Rainbow Currencies will be credited and from where you can spend them to buy products and services sold within SafeZone open network using PerNumApp that is protected by military grade security standards and that is compyling with international laws relating to accounting and taxation. If you want to cash out your currencies, you will just transfer them from your PerNum wallet to Cryptocoinstreet and there you will be able to sale them in exchange for USD or Bitcoin. You can also exchange your USD into other fiat currencies like Euro. SafeZone open network is protected by military grade security standards that insulate it from hackers, malware, etc. With Bitcoin, you must know how to do transactions in the blockchain environment which is user unfriendly and increasingly getting targeted by hackers.

Though number of Bitcoins is only 21 million compared to 100 billion Rainbow currencies, the earlier has more monetary units (2.1 quadrillion satoshi) compared to Rainbow Currency (100 trillion Dan). This makes the total supply of Bitcoin to be 21 times more than Rainbow Currency.

Rainbow currency ownership is distributed widely across the globe compared to Bitcoin which is concentrated in few hands. Rainbow currency was co-founded in 2017 by more than 3,200 internet users from 157 different countries. It now has even wider ownership from those who bought the currency during initial coin offering and those who bought it in secondary markets post ICO. Bitcoin on the other hand is majorly owned by few investors popularly known as Whales. This concentration of Bitcoins in few hands increases the risk of bitcoin volatility as the moves of the individual whales have significant impacts in Bitcoin value. A number of these whales do know each other and do communicate hence it easier for them to collude and cause big impact in Bitcoin price towards their targeted direction.

With all that said, it is a no-brainer that Rainbow Currency has potentials to have a bigger global community using it compared to Bitcoin. The bigger community using Rainbow Currency relative to other cryptocurrencies will increase its liquidity and provide it with opportunity to become the first crypto currency to go mainstream.

Bitcoin started back in 2009 at a price of $0.0001. Now it is worth more than $6,000. This means a person who spent just $1 back in 2009 to buy 10,000 Bitcoins is now worth more than $60 million! You have even greater opportunity to make a fortune with Rainbow Currency due to the reasons explained in this article if you will adopt it now when its current market price is still at the first floor price of $0.01 that currently used in SafeZone open market.

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