Biggest Talent contest to look for the biggest music talent in the world has started

The Biggest Talent Contest has began. See joining instructions below this article.

Get rewarded with YEM for the votings you will do which you can spend them to buy products and services sold within SafeZone open network.

3 artists each from 32 countries are participating in this 4th season. 4 finalists will be flown to Las Vegas for grand finale live event which will take place on December 1, 2018
You will be paid a reward of up to 1,000 Twnkl (YEM) when you vote in this contest as a judge. You will also be paid a reward of 10% of Twnkl (YEM) earned by your invitees 5 generations deep when they vote in this contest.

You will be paid 10% family bonuses on prize value the artists will get if they are in the network of your invitees 5 generations deep.

One lucky voter/Judge who voted for all countries and battles will be picked and flown to Las Vegas to watch the live grand finale event and vote there in addition to getting a reward of 10 million YEM. The rest of the voters will be able to watch for free and vote on the grand finale event online.

For the National voting, there are 32 countries. You would receive 5 Twnkl (YEM) per song that you are voting which will be credited to your Pernum wallet immediately at Free YEM section after voting.

To vote, you login first and then select the country flag where you want to start voting. After selecting the country flag you want to vote for, you will click on the video play button to listen to the first song. After listening, you will vote by clicking a YES or NO button to express if you like the song or not. After voting, you will see a “Next video” button below the video. Click on it to open the next video to listen and vote. And so on till you vote for three contestants.

You are allowed to vote for all countries and of course you will get more free YEM and increase your opportunity to get top YEM awards and winning a free trip to Las Vegas to vote on the live grand finale event if you will vote for all countries.

A contestant with many YES votes will be the winner for a given country who would proceed for next level of competition (Battle of the countries).

Currently, we have contests running up to 11th September 2018 to look for the country representative for Australia, Brazil, Nigeria and Romania. The next batch of 4 countries will run from September 3 and close on September 13. The third batch will run from September 10 and close on September 20. The winners from these country level contest will bear the flag of their countries to represent their countries into Battel of Countries.

For the Battle of the Countries, there are 3 rounds of battles. We start with the first round of battle of 32 countries which will start on September 24. In the second round of battles where we go from 16 countries down to 8 will start on October 4. And then the third round of battles where we choose the last 4 artists who will be going to Las Vegas will start on October 15. The grand finale event that will be broadacasted for free live worldwide and global viewers will be able to vote online to find the global winner on December 1.

Please note that YEM is currently valued at USD 0.01 which is its floor value but has high potential of having a value of at least USD 100 within 5 years from now due to the fact that it is already certified as legal substitute for EURO in Europe, it is probably the first cryptocurrency that is tax compliant globally and it is an official currency of global economy called SafeZone open network where businesses and people can join for free to do businesses using We Share Success affiliate business model that pays members passive affiliate income 5 generations deep when their invitees buy high quality products and services sold within the network. Even the first and leading cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) has no such economic features that YEM has.

This means getting only few YEM from this deal has a high potential of giving you a fortune within 5 years from now with no job to do, nothing to buy, nothing to sell. You can get more free YEM by playing this UEFA Nations League free betting game if you want to increase your arsenal of YEM at your disposal.

Open this website and then click on the arrow sign to the top right corner to login if you are already a member of Unicorn Network or click on JOIN FOR FREE button to sign up if you are not a member yet.


  1. Click „JOIN FOR FREE“ button
  2. Click „NEXT“ button
  3. Fill the registration form. Make sure you have checked the two boxes below and then click “NEXT” button
  4. Save your PERNUM shown before you proceed as you will need it anytime you want to login. Then click “NEXT” button
  5. Put 6 digits to create your Masterpin. You will be asked 3 random numbers from your Masterpin each time you want to login. The numbers are read from your Masterpin from left to right. For example if you create 048261 as your Masterpin, then if you are asked to enter digits #2, #5 and #3 from your Masterpin, you will enter 468; If you are asked to enter digits #6, #4 and #1 from your Masterpin, you will enter 120; etc.
  6. Login by filling your PERNUM and Password (Not Masterpin) you used to join with while filling registration form
  7. Enter 3 digits from your Masterpin you are required to enter

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